What I Put On My Armpits

***WARNING: A post full of TMI ahead. But it should be worth it in the end.***

I sweat a lot. Not a ton, but more than most people. No matter what deodorant I use, my shirts end up irrevocably stained and smelly. Therefore, I go through a lot of clothes. I was getting to the point of perpetual frustration, and resignation that I would never own a shirt longer than a few months.

I have grown up using store-bought antipersperant/deodorant sticks, and all they served to do was to make my armpits smell like sweaty flowers. If there was already a stain forming, even the flowery perfumy-ness couldn’t mask it. It was really embarrassing.

I switched to a salt stick, on the recommendation of one of my hippie friends, with better results than other products, but not fully satisfactory in keeping the stink at bay. I eventually figured out that the stick absorbs my smell, and if I scrub it every so often, it takes care of it.

Later on, I was introduced to using Young Living Essential Oils for all kinds of things, and attended a make-and-take class to learn how to make my own skin care products, including deodorant. I thought, “Why not?”

Needless to say, I was really happy with the results. For about two weeks. That’s when I discovered that baking soda can make some people break out in a burning, raised rash. Not cool. I also discovered that, for people like me, who sweat more than the average bear, it contributes to some hardcore sweat stains. I will say that they wash out far easier than those caused by commercial deodorants, especially if they’re treated with this super-duper-stain-remover.

WP_20140224_001Back to the salt stick I turned. Then, a light bulb went on. What if…what if I added a drop of essential oil to the salt stick? It would smell yummy, and probably add to the power of the salt.

I was right.

Depending on what I have available, I use Young Living’s Purification blend, Lavender, or Cedarwood. Between all the anti-microbial properties of the oils and the salt, I’m set. On extra-sweaty days, I find a reapplication later on helps, but for most normal days, my armpits do just fine with one application, and they don’t stain my clothes! Some other benefits include cost: a salt stick lasts forever, or nearly so. $5 for about a year’s worth of armpit rubbing, maybe more. Essential oils are only used a drop at a time, so they go a long way, too.

I am finally happy with what I put on my armpits.

So, there you go. Another hippie trick. I just know you were delighted to read about my armpits, weren’t you? Admit it.

Have you tried the above recipe for deodorant? How did you troubleshoot any issues, or customize it to your own body? What’s your favorite homemade deodorant? Or other skin care, hygiene, or beauty product? Do share any recipes or links in the comments! Everyone’s armpits are different, and I would love for someone to be able to find something new to try.

Grace & Peace,