10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

I love that this writing challenge starts out with such an easy topic. I get to sit here this morning and just think about things that make me happy, while I sip coffee and supervise the younger two kids getting ready for school.

Focusing on little things that make me happy can be an exercise in gratitude, which is never a bad thing. Especially since I have been struggling with thoughts that start out “I’m probably  never going to _________.” I know where those thoughts come from, and I appreciate this opportunity to take them captive to make them obedient to Christ.

Some may say that just thinking happy thoughts doesn’t work like that. Perhaps not for some. For me, it does. It works so well, I feel physically different when I focus on small happy-making things. My face relaxes, my body feels at rest, and I suddenly desire to crank up my Lincoln Brewster channel on Pandora and sing while I go about my day while those terrible thoughts and lies leave me alone.

On with the Happy Things!


  1. Good, strong, black coffee. Emphasis on the “good.” Good coffee needs no creamer. But it’s always better with a girlfriend. 
  2. Making something pretty. I love to paint, scrapbook, and be creative. I don’t do this often enough, though.
  3. Quiet in the evenings. When the kids are ready for bed, and we’ve turned on an audio book, and all the high energy of the day winds down, it’s lovely.
  4. A raucous living room dance party with my kids. Good ol’ Stryper, All American Rejects, Supertones, or Jamiroquai are excellent dance-in-the-living-room selections. I love making them laugh until they ache with my killer moves. “The Sprinkler”, anyone?
  5. The Colorado Sky. Seriously. One of the main benefits of driving kids to and from school everyday is the chance to marvel at the sky here. I never get tired of it.
  6. Appreciation. Every time anyone says “Thank you,” my heart skips a beat, and I feel a lift in my spirit.
  7. Surprises. I love them.
  8. Cooking with Levi. And washing dishes with him. Working with him on anything, really, makes me feel more married and loved and happy than almost anything else.
  9. Reading a Really Good Book. Those books I can’t put down, or the ones that I end up slamming shut, or the ones that get me thinking. Also, the sentimental favorites.
  10. Pretty things. Tiffany-style stained glass. Fairies. Flowers. Lace (oh, I love lace!). Trees. Moving water. Delicate jewelry. Cursive writing. Pretty paper. Butterflies and birds. Sunbeams on a sleeping kitty. Milk glass. Cut glass serving dishes. Ivy. And so forth.

There are so many things that make me happy. This world and this life really are beautiful and amazing.

What about you? What makes you happy?

Grace & Peace,