Extrovert Myths & My Thoughts


Extroverts are shallow and only interested in partying. Um. What? Introverts can be shallow too. Because humans.

Extroverts are loud and abrasive. Sigh. Introverts can be quiet and abrasive. It’s a personality and manners thing, not an extroverted/introverted thing.

Extroverts have more friends, but place less value in their friendships. WHAT THE HELL?! No. (This could be its own post based solely on my own experience, but I will save that for another day.)

Extroverts have to be the center of attention. Not necessarily. We just don’t mind it if we are. We can handle it. Save introverts the trouble.

Extroverts talk too much. Have you ever tried to get a word in edgewise when an introvert has opened up about their MOST FAVORITE THING?

Extroverts don’t read. O RLY?

Introverts feel more deeply than extroverts. I think this depends on the person. I’m an extroverted empath. It looks very different than introverted empathy, but it’s still empathy. It’s extremely insulting to tell me that I don’t feel as deeply because I get my energy differently than you do.

I know it’s the “in thing” to take pride in introversion while disparaging the extrovert. Of course, we need to make sure we don’t pressure introverts to be more like their extroverted counterparts, which does happen all too often.

And of course, we need to celebrate introverts for who they are. Quietly. And with not a lot of people. Or too many words.

Guess what my friends? It takes all kinds. We need each other. How many introverts were adopted by a loving extrovert into their circle when they had no one? How many extroverts have┬álearned to value solitude a little more because they have close introvert friends? It’s a beautiful thing to have each other.

How about we stop with the labels, and just laugh at each other? It’s okay if we don’t always understand one another. That’s what makes life and relationships interesting. I don’t think we need to understand a person to enjoy time with them, whether it’s one-on-one or in a group. We just need to be kind, and so many differences would take care of themselves.

For further reading on this topic, check out this post on Psychology Today.

Grace & Peace,