Of course, day two of this challenge finds me dead tired from being awake all night at a birth. I knew I should have written this last night! Well, if all you get is incoherent babble, at least I will have written something today.

Why aren’t I napping right now? Simple. Audrey and Dain still need to get to school, and Levi is already at work. So there’s that.

Today, I’m supposed to write about something someone has told me about myself that I have never forgotten. The first thing that comes to mind is something Dad said to me as a teenager.

I can’t remember what the conversation was about. At all. Just these words:

“Tiffany, you’ll never be anything but cute.”

That may not look good in print, but I remember his face when he said it. He was beaming at me, tenderly and lovingly trying to assure me that he loved me for who I was. I wish I could show you his face when he said it.


My teen heart knew that, and loved him for it, but there was that rebellious part of me that didn’t want to be stuck with “cute” forever.

Of course, I burst into tears, and I remember him holding me and telling me he loved me.

My dad was such a good dad. And he always knew when to pour encouragement into me. He sometimes bungled it, but he loved me so much, it didn’t really matter. I could see right through to what he really meant.

I don’t often remember specific words spoken to me, but I remember how conversations make me feel. How I feel around certain people because of the way they talk to me. It’s like people walk around with an aura of words, and I can see it all the time, even if I can’t make out the letters.

Words matter.

I do have to be stuck with “cute” forever. Because that’s one label that actually fits me, apparently. I can own that comfortably.

I choose not to worry about the labels and words that don’t fit, and I’m careful not to enter the word clouds surrounding certain people.

What about you? What has someone said about you that you have never forgotten?

Grace & Peace,