Because Why Not?

30-dayI set a goal at the beginning of the year to write 300 words a day. And I have some built-in time on weekday mornings to do it. Yet, in spite of nine posts in my drafts folder, I feel stumped in what to write about most days. Sure, I could keep a better “diary” of our family life, which I would like to do, but my brain is usually clogged up with Other Thoughts that need to work their way out somehow.

Anyway. I just need to build a habit.

Somewhere inside of me is a book. I have no idea if it’s fiction, non-fiction, or somewhere in between, but it’s there. And the only way it’s going to come out eventually is if I write. If I empty myself of words everyday until it begins to spill out of me.

You all know that I am highly unlikely to actually write and publish something here everyday, but there’s no reason I can’t work on it, like I work on everything else in my life. Right? Right.

So, I found a 30-day Writing Challenge. It looks interesting. And it might help.


I may or may not stay on-prompt, but my intention is entirely to open the floodgates and write. God has given me the gift of words. Lots of them. And I am no longer worried that it is somehow inherently sinful to use that gift. The only way I’m going to learn to use it in wisdom is to actually, you know, use it. To practice. To speak. To write. To throw words out into the ether and learn as I go how to tame the tongue and glorify God with this gift.

He’s given it to me to use for the edification, encouragement, and strengthening of others. If I stay silent, then I am burying my wages in the backyard, and returning it to Jesus void of interest.

Heaven forbid.

So. Words. A writing challenge. Why not?

Care to join me?

Grace & Peace,



5 thoughts on “Because Why Not?

  1. Well, first “Thank You” for sharing the 30 Day Writing Challenge. I can totally relate to knowing there IS a story inside. One thing that got me writing was a poetry contest. The second is a writing group that I am involved with. The writing group has kept me accountable 🙂 But it is on hold and now I find that my writing has gone on hold as well. I will join you on The 30 Day Writing Challenge!

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