A Couple of Birthdays (or: I’m so on top of things, y’all.)

So, we had a couple of birthdays recently, and I don’t even know where to start, because busy.

Holy moly, I’m busy right now.

I’m also really good at getting overwhelmed, procrastinating, panicking, and then spiraling into a week or so of wasting time and eating my feelings. It’s awesome. But that’s beside the point.


Levi’s 35th came at the beginning of the month, and we kept things understated as usual, with cheesecake (the best I’ve ever baked, methinks) and presents. I almost put 35 candles on his cheesecake, but I didn’t want to burn the house down. (*badum-CH!*) Besides the gifts the kids picked, I bought him tickets to the All Colorado Beer Festival, and he’s taking a friend from church this weekend.

Lydia’s 12th followed on the 22nd, and she had her last soccer game and banquet that day, so we kept things low-key for her too. Her Aunty Tiff graciously made her geeky Hatty Hattington cake, complete with a fondant-covered cake hat, per Lydia’s request. We bought her a Rainbow Dash hoodie she’s had her eye on, and we’re pretty sure she likes it, seeing as how she wears it everyday now. It was one of the most relaxing birthdays ever.

It was one of the most relaxing birthdays ever.

And I’m going to rest in that, and leave off here.

Grace & Peace,