Just Some Pictures

This summer has brought some crazy weather. Really crazy. The aftermath of this hail storm was mild compared to the ones that would follow after Jared & Tischel went home. I don’t have pictures of the storm that bought us a new roof, gutters, a paint job on the house/decks, and more. Perhaps I should. All I know is that the crazy weather can just stop now, thanks!

At the beginning of August, Trina and her boyfriend Jeff came out to pick up Jared and Tischel. In the one full day they were here, Trina wanted to take Jeff to Garden of the Gods. So we went. Once again, never tired of that place!

I love my family so much, and it’s always so good to see my sisters and their kids. What a privilege and a gift it was to have them with me for awhile.

Grace & Peace,


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