On Extroverts


If anyone can show me the original source, I’d be grateful. Thanks!

These days, we glorify the introvert.

I get it. With societal pressure to be “more friendly, extroverted, and/or outgoing,” it must be exhausting to be an introvert. Believe me, I can relate more than you think I can. Because I’m an ambivert.

I’m an introverted extrovert. Meaning that I lean more toward extroversion, but have strong (STRONG) introvert needs and tendencies.

For example: I have the strong bonds of an introvert, with the expansive reach of an extrovert.

Still, I do lean more toward the extrovert end of the spectrum. And I feel like we’ve been given a bad rap recently. Extroverts are loud-mouthed, self-centered nuisances who don’t know when they’re not wanted, right?


Not so much. Sure, there are some like that. But most just want to be included. To feel important, needed, and appreciated. Like most human beings. (Go figure — we long for human connection.)

The need just looks different. Where introverts are often good at reading appreciation from others between the lines, and don’t necessarily require concrete demonstration, many extroverts miss that, and could really use an overt “Well done!”

I want to clear something up:

It is not shallow to desire praise.

This is a recent discovery of mine. You’ve heard of the 5 Love Languages, right? Please allow me to remind you that Words of Affirmation is one of the languages. Words. Spoken out loud. In praise of another. Expressed as a need related directly to love.

I have no idea how many extroverts are “Words of Affirmation” folks, but I know that I am. Though we sometimes seem to be vying for attention, it might be deeper than that.

The truth is, we often aren’t fishing for a compliment, we are hungry for affirmation. There’s a difference. Never hesitate to give it. No one ever regretted words of kindness and love shared freely.

You will see us light up in ways you never knew we could, illuminating your world as well as our own.

Cut the extroverts some slack.

Grace & Peace,