All Board the Random Train

When you are in need, ask for help. Seriously. Just ask. Somebody’s bound to say “Yes,” if you ask enough people. I’m pretty sure that this is the best use of Facebook, to reach out to help and to ask for help. This is second only to cat videos and inspirational quotes, of course.

I forgot how extroverted I am. Technically, I’m an ambivert that leans a little to the extroverted side. However, being constantly surrounded by people all day long has beaten my extrovert self practically senseless. Now that I have been deprived of four of my favorite people for almost two weeks, my introverted side has curled into a fetal position and shoved the extrovert forward. I am now a mess. I want to hang out, but I have eighty bajillion things to do while the kids are gone, so I stalk people on social media in between cleaning bouts and trips to the thrift store.

My nose gets very itchy this time of year. Dusting everything in the house doesn’t help.

Newspaper really does do wonders on windows. Who knew? Besides every grandmother, ever.

I don’t think I’ll ever get use to the night shift. It sucks. It is what it is, though, and we have made it work.

I had my first eye exam in about 25 years (give or take) yesterday. Absolutely perfect vision. So says the eye doctor lady at Costco. I did this so I can renew my driver’s license online. Because the eye exam sounds less torturous than the DMV, even though our DMV is pretty fast.

Aussie Bites are delicious and addictive.

I frigging miss my children, and half-regret letting them stay. Not because of anything in particular. It’s just hard to be apart from my amazing progeny. I just really really really love them a lot.

Grace & Peace,