Regarding School

It’s time to announce it.

All four children will be enrolled in school this coming year.

No, I did not “give up” on homeschooling. I would very much love to continue to homeschool, but we just can’t quite see how to make it work right now, for a variety of reasons. We have prayed thoroughly. We have sought godly counsel. We have researched. I even considered quitting midwifery, but my husband and the Lord both responded with a resounding “NO!” So, they will be in school this year.

I am not frightened, but I am nervous. This is all new ground for me. I will be learning to homeschool the way my parents did: By refusing to totally abdicate my parental authority and responsibility just because my children will be at a brick-and-mortar five days a week.

Durin is enrolled in a local charter school that focuses on skilled labor training. He will be spending 90 minutes to three hours daily in a shop class of some sort. They cover woodworking, plumbing, machining, electrical, CAD, construction, and more. By 11th grade, he will get to choose a track to follow, after trying everything they have to offer, and will start earning stackable certifications. He will also have the option to stay on through “grade 14,” and earn an Associate’s Degree in his chosen trade. How cool is that?

He has always expressed an interest in construction, and this is his opportunity to essentially have an apprenticeship-style training. What’s more is that he gets his first two years of college free. So, if he chooses to work in his trade, great! If he chooses to go on and get a four-year degree in something else (or even his trade), he already has his prerequisites completed, and can probably work his way through the rest of his schooling making a living wage. He will also be ready, straight out of high school, to make a living wage and support a family if that’s what he decides to do. He is really “nervoucited” — my kids’ word combining “nervous” and “excited.” What he is looking forward to the most is the school’s emphasis on developing a good work ethic. He told me that he feels like he needs to grow in that, and I thought that was pretty insightful. He’s not drawn by the tools, the classes, or the other cool things the school offers. It’s the work ethic he wants to develop.

The others will be enrolled in neighborhood schools that are a bit on the small side for this area, and have high standards and good reputations. Lydia is looking forward to trying out for cheerleading, art classes, and choir.

Audrey and Dain are looking forward to meeting new teachers, and making new friends.

So, here goes nothing.

Or something.

Grace & Peace,

PS: I may or may not address our reasons for choosing this route this year.


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  1. The school for Durin sounds incredible and I’m sure the other kids will find their place and education that fosters their passions in the other school! 🙂

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