The Itty Bitty Elevator, by Lydia


Joe signed his signature for the 567th time that day. He sighed loudly. He was thirsty. He got up to go to the drinking fountain. When he got there, he spotted something very queer, the elevator had disappeared! He looked around frantically; he had come up that elevator just this morning! He looked down at where the elevator had once stood, and he gasped. There was the elevator, tiny yet real, no doubt.

His eyes bulged as he watched the water fountain shrink down to fit the size of the elevator. He was getting scared, what on earth is going on?? How am I supposed to get home? Oh crud, boss will be so mad, he thought. He suddenly felt a tingling sensation on the tips of his fingers and toes. The elevator and water fountain seemed to return to normal, but his door was a 100 times his size! He had shrunk too. Oh, what now? Well, now I suppose I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get out, but what about my family? He pondered the questions quickly and he finally came up with an answer, he’d wait for everything to shrink with him. Suddenly, his whole hall shrank down to his size! Bob stepped out of his five-inch door and looked at him, his eyes deadly serious.

“So sorry, Joe, I shrunk the world. Well, I guess you don’t have to worry about that because everything else shrunk with you, please don’t freak out. Now, I must return to my space craft to finish the job, so sorry Joe, I have to vaporize earth.” Bob said mournfully. “Pity really, I quite enjoyed working with you. Good-bye.”

Bob left in a hurry. Joe didn’t know what to say, he had trusted him! He fell on his knees and wept, unfortunately, that was the last thing that he did.

The End.

This kid. I love her imagination, and I love her ability to put an entire story into so few words.
Grace & Peace,


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