30 Days of Thanksgiving, day 19: YouVersion Bible App

Click to visit the site.

Click to visit the site.

I am genuinely thankful for the YouVersion Bible App. It took me quite awhile, but I finally downloaded this thing a couple of years ago, not long after Dad died. It’s free, and it’s been my most-used app. Right up there with Facebook and Twitter, which is saying something.

My favorite feature of this app is the plethora of Bible reading plans it offers. Everything from classic devotionals, to Bible-in-a-year variations, to short and sweet 1-2 week series are available. Not only that, but it offers (I’m pretty sure) every English translation of the Bible there is. The Word of God, complete and unabridged. And commentaries! So many classic commentaries. It’s kind of ridiculous how much is in this app.

And it’s all free.

Free, people.

As in no cost. None monies. Zero dollars. Pro bono.

The way the Word of God should be, in an ideal world.

When it’s impractical or impossible to pack my actual, physical, leather-bound Thompson Chain Reference Bible, it doesn’t matter, because I have 8 bajillion versions of the entire Bible that fit in my pocket. In. My. Pocket. This means that I don’t have to skip out on my quiet time in God’s Word, ever.

What about WiFi, you ask? What if I don’t have a connection? Well. Get this. You can download offline versions of the Bible, too, so that you can still access it and search the Bible without a data connection.


Ain’t technology grand?

What are you thankful for today?

Grace & Peace,