30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 3: Anne Shirley

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This. This is why Anne Shirley is my favorite book heroine of all time. I love her better than Elizabeth Bennet, Elinor Dashwood, Hadassah, Katniss Everdeen, or any other heroine I could name.

I have never identified so strongly with a character in a book as I do with Anne. She is me. The idealized version, of course, but she feels the most reachable. She understands my inner world. My heart and my mind work so much like hers, that whenever I re-read the books, I feel as though I am living it.

I grew up with her, quite literally, and the older I get, the more closely I relate to her. My mom and dad watched the mini-series all those years ago, and my mom bought me the series. I was only in third grade. I tried to tackle them then, but it was tough. I kept trying, over and over, and was finally able to read them through in the fifth grade.

My soul found its first kindred spirit.

Really, Anne has remained my only true kindred spirit, though I have many beautiful and soul-deep friends. I learned much earlier than she did that it’s not wise to share one’s rainbow fantasies and dear little dreams, because adults just laugh at you, and kids think you’re weird.

I am growing out of that now, and delight in flinging my imaginings about like a fairy scatters dew in the wee hours of spring mornings.

I am thankful for Anne because of this feeling of kinship. She is so real to me, I sometimes find myself wondering what it will be like to meet her in Heaven someday. I forget that she is only fiction. And that makes me sadder than it ought to make a Christian whose heart is set on things above.

Then again, perhaps I will grow more and more Anneish, until my Anneishness is complete on the other side of that great Veil.

I suppose we will see.

Even now, I hesitate to post this, because I know some of you will smirk at the girl who obviously isn’t as grown-up as she appears. But, Anne is who I am. I just go by a different name. And I really do just want to add some beauty to life. To leave a legacy of simple, pleasant memories for those who cross my path.

What are you thankful for today?

Grace & Peace,


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 3: Anne Shirley

  1. I’m too exhausted today to think of something novel to be thankful about, so I will jump on your book theme and say that I am grateful today for my own literacy. Reading is a hugely important part of my life but I think the ability to read is something that I almost always take for granted. One of my closest friends is a Saudi, and a while ago, I agreed to accompany him to his favorite bookstore while he picked out a few books.

    Though I’ve been inside bookstores with books in other languages before, if there isn’t an English section, I always just leave. This time however, there was no English section but I was obliged to spend 45 minutes shuffling around, checking out pleasantly dusty passageways of books in Arabic. It was a strange experience. I knew the letters created words and I knew the words connected into pages of meaning, but I just couldn’t read any of it. I felt it was the closest I have been to understanding what it might feel like to be illiterate. I knew that all of those characters represented information, but I didn’t have access to it. It was a bizarre feeling, so today I am thankful for my own literacy.

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