I Need Your Help!

I am currently assessing my business practices, and within that framework, I am re-evaluating my business name. I have two surveys in which I need more responses, so that I can more accurately assess my next step. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to participate in both. Just click on the links below.

Oh! If it helps you, I am not currently offering doula services any more. I am focusing primarily on childbirth education, and as soon as I get my midwifery certification, the name has to work for that, too. THANK YOU!

Please answer honestly: Does my business name (Birth In Joy) appeal to you and make me seem like a professional business woman?


Potential Business Name Survey.

Both are short, and will take very little of your time. Thank you so much!

Grace & Peace,

PS: If you have already participated, you don’t have to participate again. Thank you!