Bathroom Project: Yes, it’s still ongoing.



Long story short, this is a sneak peek. Our vanity, sink, and mirror are finally in, thanks to our wonderful neighbors, Mike & Lynette. I can now brush my teeth in the bathroom. This is something I actually cried tears of joy about. Not even kidding.

All that’s left now are some shelves that I want to install, and filling it with pretties. The fun part!

I was beginning to question my choice in paint color, but with the vanity and mirror in to break it up, it’s getting prettier and prettier. And I’m getting exciteder and exciteder! So excited, I’m making up words.

I can’t wait to share the finished product, and I’m motivated to finally finish what we started in January. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who takes foooorrrrrreeevvvverrrrr to do a major project. I need some validation here!) I’m enlisting the help of my Official Project Buddy, Dorenna to help me put the finishing touches on it.

Once that’s done, we are going to have champagne and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Glass of wine in the tub, anyone? Yes, please!

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  1. I found the perfect fabric for dining room curtains at a good used stuff store, and that was about a year ago…NO–two years ago. And I am scared to cut it b/c it is perfect. A friend who majored in math and loves to sew did not want to help me, either. It has a pattern that I really want to keep even on both panels, and the lining is plaid, which I also want to keep even, so I’m still waiting.

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