And Then There Was Sourdough

As a homeschooling mom, I have always struggled in “extra” activities. I always feel like there is so much we are not doing, and, therefore I am failing. Of course, I know that’s poppycock and balderdash, but still. The struggle is real, yo. This year being my year of “Action,” I feel like this year is going better in the extras, overall. So, that’s nice. It’s still not as much as the extraordinarily high arbitrary standard in my head, but whatever. I’m going with it.

Last weekend, my best friend held a sourdough basics class. Audrey was the most interested in it, so I let her do all the participation while I took copious notes. I learned so much about the benefits of sourdough–helps with the gut microbiome, provides several vitamins and minerals, and is a low-glycemic-index bread option. We made sourdough pancakes (AMAZING), a loaf of bread, and a pizza crust. The pizza crust was my favorite. Far more pizza-y than any crust we’ve ever made. And Levi makes an amazing crust as it is.

Anyway. Pictures.


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