Because Library.

On the kids’ last week of school, Durin’s class created a Roman Museum. It was really fun to walk around and see all the work his class put into it! A lot of great detail, costumes, and all kinds of interesting things to see. His shield was created with zero help from me, and since he was allowed to choose whatever “crest” he wanted on it, he went with Minecraft. Though I will never understand the fascination with that game, it’s been a decent asset to our homeschooling life. So…yeah. Whatever works.

Our local library has a plethora of free classes and workshops for kids! The Little Rembrandt class is one that my three youngest got to attend. This particular class was focusing on the work of Picasso, and though they were reluctant to go, all three ended up having a really great time.

I’m looking forward to signing them up for more! Just to give them a chance to try new things. For free. Because library.


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