My Boy and the Bible.

We chose a Teen Study Bible for him. He loves it...

We chose a Teen Study Bible for him. He loves it…

The kids have been sitting in Wednesday night service with us because they love Pastor Jim’s teaching. We’re going through the book of Revelation right now, verse by verse. On the drive home last week, Durin made the following comment: “Mom! I’m starting to realize that the Bible is like, an AMAZING fantasy story! Except it’s all REAL, and it makes me want to read EVERYTHING in it!”

Oh, how my mommy heart nearly exploded in gratitude to God for creating such a hunger in him! May it never die…

He has long outgrown his NIrV Children’s Bible, which is written at a 3rd-grade level. He has really been growing in faith, and a desire to have some tough questions answered. He has also desired to begin reading God’s Word on his own and has asked for guidance. So, for his birthday, we got him a “real” Teen Study Bible that will hopefully help him work his way through. We encouraged him to start with Jesus by reading the book of John, and to come to us whenever he has questions.

I love to see him discovering God on his own. I love the questions, the doubts, the struggles that come to the surface. I recognize in him the desire to really know the truth, and “Look it up” is becoming my refrain. So, he does, and comes to me with his discoveries. I correct where he needs it, but mostly I just marvel at his intelligence and growing logic and insight.

It’s good to be a mom after all.

Grace & Peace,


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