So We Had a Birthday Awhile Back…

How negligent I have been in sharing our lives with you! I have done too much introspecting and poem-ing, and not enough bragging on my kids or talking about those lovely mundane things that make up our lives. Forgive me for neglecting you, dear kindred spirits!

Frankly, I’ve been blogging far more regularly on my Birth In Joy blog, as well as running the blog for Preparing For Birth. Go check it out if you like the idea of getting a glimpse into my wild, midwifey side! It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise.

Anyway, we had a birthday awhile back. My eldest child turned 12. I am totally flabbergasted. Every year, it sneaks up on me. I can barely handle the weird mix of pride, denial, love, and bittersweetness that is a child’s birthday.

He was born.

He is twelve.

I should never have blinked.

I love him so much, it hurts sometimes. The good kind of hurt. The ache that starts deep, and fills all the nooks and crannies, until it reaches my fingers, and I have to reach out and squeeze him forever! And for the record, I can still pinch his adorable cheeks. Skinny as he is. He’ll never outgrow that.

Anyway, here are some pictures. Because that’s what you want to see, isn’t it?

As usual, on the day of his birthday, we started with birthday pancakes. All he asked for was a water gun. He was impressed and grateful. He also loves the Teen Study Bible we chose for him, and plans to start reading right away! I love how easy it is to please my children. I hope it’s always that way, because choosing gifts is not my strength.

We were also excited to welcome my mom as she drove through on her way to Oklahoma to vacation with my sisters and their families. She was able to join us for lunch, and hang out on Durin’s birthday, which he thought was THE BEST.

What Durin wanted this year was a “water fight” party. So, naturally, I invited pretty much everyone he knew over for cake and a water fight. Usually, only about half of the invited show up to any given event. This time, I think all but one family was able to make it. We had 30–yes, I said 30–kids in my front yard! I picked up syringe-style water guns for all the kids as a party favor. Way better than a goodie bag to take home, and cheaper, at $1 apiece. We laid down a few basic rules, then just let them run. Way too much fun for their own good! Totally worth the crowd, in my opinion.

Durin requested a lemon cake, so I found this yummy recipe, and it was a hit! Very moist and delicious, and super easy! Also, the only version I could find that didn’t use a boxed mix. (I would have had to run out and buy that. I am anti-errand whenever possible.)

So, there you go.

I’m sitting here, starting a bunch of drafts so I can keep writing for you. Any tips for what I can expect in a twelve-year-old boy? Because this feels far more uncharted than his newborn days did…

Grace & Peace,