A Dash On A Summer Night, by Lydia Miller

I saw, one summer night,a dash of silver

Lydia decided to enter a local poetry contest, the theme of which was “Superheroes.” She had to create a superhero, and write a poem about it. She sat down and came up with this in about 10 minutes. I edited nothing except spelling and punctuation, based on how she wanted it read.

She didn’t win, so I had to share her creativity with the world. Personally, I think it’s beautifully written, with lovely imagery. It’s fanciful, subtle, and probably not what the judges were looking for. She isn’t disappointed, as she didn’t expect to win. I am proud of her for being brave enough to try!

Grace & Peace,


2 thoughts on “A Dash On A Summer Night, by Lydia Miller

  1. She definitely has a knack for poetry. Needs to learn to take more time with it. She should see if she could make this one even better in a few days. I LOVE the beginning of it! 🙂

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