What I Miss Most

I want to be the “good girl” again. Known for my sunshiney effervescence, and unconscious purity. Not pious, self-righteous purity, but innocence.

I miss being innocent.

I want to stop being so “self-aware,” and to instead lose myself in the light and glory of Grace. To become less. And do good works, prepared before time for me to do.

I want to effortlessly remember that I am not here for my own happiness, but to love and serve others. To never make anyone feel “less than,” or somehow unimportant to me.

I want to be known for my deep love for God and for people. For being a rainbow in someone’s cloud. I want lives to be a little brighter and more sparkly and less gloomy, because I served and loved. Because I didn’t just pass by on the other side of the road. I miss being innocent, and naive.

I know too much now, and it’s hard to see the best any more.

Grace & Peace, Tiffany