The Project That Never Ends.

First piece I stained. This pic is from WEEKS ago. The rest of the thing now (mostly) looks like this.

First piece I stained. This pic is from WEEKS ago. The rest of the thing now (mostly) looks like this.


“This is the project that neverrr eeeennnds…

It just goes on and on my friennnnd!!!

Somebody started breaking tile, not knowing what it’d do,

And they’ll be staining things forever just because…

*deeeeep breath*



I don’t know how long it’s been since I worked on it, but it’s been too long. Partly because of legitimate reasons (babies, lack of sleep, too-cold temps in my garage), and partlymostly excuses (too tired, other chores, don’t wanna, it’ll take hours and hours) and fear that I would mess it up. I haven’t messed it up yet, so what am I worried about? Sheesh.

That said, after the best Healthy Pregnancy Fair I’ve ever been to in this town, I decided to get out into the semi-sunshine in my open garage, and stain my vanity. No pics, because all I have is my phone at the moment, and crappy garage lighting. I couldn’t drag it out into the sun, because it’s Colorado, and there’s WIND. I didn’t want who-knows-what sticking itself to my newly stained beautiful chunk of wood. So, there you go.

All we have left now is to poly it very, very well (the counter top is wood), assemble the thing, and hook it up. Who knows how long that will take…

Also. I think we need to clean OUT our garage. As in, throw at least half of the stuff in it away. AWAY. Far, far away. Good grief.

That is all.

That’s what I did on Saturday. How about you?

Grace & Peace,


4 thoughts on “The Project That Never Ends.

  1. Saturday I took goulash and an apple pie to my son’s house and held their brand new baby girl, who is named after my grandmother, and just looked at her lovely face in awe, as if I’d never seen a baby before. 🙂
    My SON delivered this baby, as he has with two others of their five. She just has such short labors, the midwife cannot get there in time. It’s okay, though. 🙂
    AND my son is a first responder rescue search team member and was out on a man search that night when she called him to come home b/c labor. Good thing he was at the command center, instead of out searching, and could get back to the house okay! Such a life! 🙂
    My husband says she must have been delivered from the curse, since she has 8-month gestations and 45-minute labors. Ha. 🙂

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