I am unluved

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Every night is the same.  I climb into bed, curl up under the covers, and realize once again that I am alone; no matter if the day was great and cause for rejoicing, or wraught with pain and distress.  My joy is cut in half and my burden doubled when there remains no one with which to share them.  There is no sweet kiss goodbye, or the long awaited “Hi Honey, I’m home” eching within our walls.

Around every corner there is another reminder that I am unluved and possibly unluvable.  No one has found me worthy of choice, deserving of a decided luv.  My life is filled with those that care and luv me deeply, and yet I go to bed alone.  This luv of which I speak surpasses all others.  To be hand-picked, singled out, strongly desired, truly seen.  A luv who’s “soul desire” is to forever seek to win…

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