Audrey is Nine!

This year, my sweet little Monkey Sunshine turned nine, and had no idea what she wanted for her birthday. She had already decided on a unicorn theme for her cake and party, so I just decided she needed a big ol’ fluffy unicorn. She was thrilled! Said unicorn was dubbed “Sparkles McUnicorn,” and is loved very passionately by this little red head. We enjoyed blueberry birthday pancakes on the day of her birthday, as usual, and I planned a simple party for her the following Sunday.

A few sweet friends made it, though we missed one young lady who was down for the count with the flu. They spent the first hour playing in the snow together, all of them representing various kinds of fairies. In the meantime, Levi took the boys over to a friend’s house, so the girls could just have girl time.

It’s amazing how much quieter the house is, sans testosterone.

After cake & ice cream with hot chocolate, and a hilarious rendition of “Happy Birthday,” Audrey made her wish. After that, the girls descended on the giant pile of Legos, and happily played for another hour before moms came to retrieve their young ladies.

I didn’t end up doing any of the activities or crafts I had planned for, but that’s  okay. Audrey was thrilled to have her friends over, and they seemed happy to be here.

It really is about the little things sometimes, even though those little things grow up before you know it.

Grace & Peace,


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