The Grout Story. And More Bathroom Projecty Stuff.

I know, I know. You’re sick and tired of hearing about the bathroom, right? Too bad. If I am still living it you are stuck reading it, my friend!

So, there’s the grout. I don’t actually remember what day it was, because the awesomeness was gone, and the doom was back in full force. Long story short, I had a breakdown. Levi had mixed me up some grout before I went to work, but by the time I got to it, it had dried out a lot, and was the consistency of … horribleness. I was trying so hard to use the float to get it into the cracks, but it was crumbling in my hands. Of course, Levi had to head out for work, and I was already crying a little. (Yes, I cried. Cried like a little girl. I was tired, the stress was accumulating, and it was harder than I thought it would be.)

I sent out a text to my closest friends and my wonderful neighbor across the street. I was bawling. The grout was a mess. A complete and total mess. Please keep in mind, I have never grouted before, and was ignorant of what grout ought to be like. Lynnette, my lovely neighbor came over on her lunch break, and helped me. She walked in on me, a blubbering mess, and immediately gave me a hug and helped me calm down. She took one look at my grout and said, “No wonder! Honey, you need to add some water to this!”

That’s all? Ugh. I had no idea. I thought it had to be thick and crumbly. Turns out, the consistency of cake batter is much easier to work with.

I was embarrassed. Up to this point, I had enjoyed every moment of the remodel, in spite of the stress that goes with it. The grout, however, broke me. Once she got me set up, and taught me the technique, I was fine. In the same amount of time it took me to do a 2’x2′ square, I finished the entire shower.

Good grief.

If you ever need help tiling, just don’t ask me to grout. I won’t do it. I will cut tile. I will mix up mortar and place tiles. I will bring you food. I will mop your brow. I will do anything other than grout.

That said, Lynnette’s husband, Mike, came over on Saturday (I think–the days really do run together), and grouted my floor and the backsplash tiles for me. Because he’s amazing. There was simply no way I could face grout again. The evil, contrary stuff. It turned out fabulous! I love it. It’s coming together so beautifully, that it’s worth the work. Completely.

**Please note: Grout is not very difficult at all, when one is doing it correctly. I am just a drama queen. That is all.**

Also last weekend, Levi installed the tub and shower fixtures. However, we still can’t shower, because we haven’t sealed the grout. We haven’t sealed the grout because Levi had to add two teeny-tiny pieces of tile behind the shower fixture for reasons, and he found a big spot I missed when I was grouting. It’s just underneath one of the shelves, so it’s kinda important.

This week, I was determined to start on my vanity.


I forgot that I have four children, who are prone to orneriness. Don’t know where they get that from. Anyway, we caught up on missed school work, under much protest, but it got done. We also had a couple of extra commitments we don’t normally have, in addition to the regular ones. So, I couldn’t start until today. Dorenna came over again today, to help with the glass border in the backsplash tile (which I will have to grout tomorrow–pray for my sanity), and to help texture the drywall patches so I can paint. She worked inside, while I worked outside, stripping stain from the vanity. It’s got a gorgeous wood grain, and I’m leaning toward an espresso stain…I think it will be the anchor piece in the bathroom.

I hoped to completely finish stripping, sanding, and staining after church, but only the stripping and sanding happened. A little more fine sanding tomorrow, and I’ll be slapping the stain on, ever so gently. I finished the grouting in the backsplash trim, patched a few spots I missed in the shower, and Levi sealed all the grout that has fully dried. I also painted over the drywall patches everywhere that I didn’t need to tape off anything. When the last bits of grout dry out, I’ll finish that up.

We have been pretty productive overall. Still, no matter how much progress we make, it just feels like it’s “so close, yet so far.” No showers just yet, but we are now at least able to bathe! Hallelujah and Praise the LORD!!! That really helps.

Anyway. Pictures. Here you go:

Grace & Peace,


6 thoughts on “The Grout Story. And More Bathroom Projecty Stuff.

  1. NO-O-O-O-O-O! I am not tired of your project! It’s been a ball. I love work! I could watch it for hours!!! Ha.
    Really, this is becoming so beautiful! You are going to totally love it, and it will mean so much more to you because it will by completely YOURS–by right of conquest!!! Ha. Have fun getting the last tiny details in place and taking long, hot soaking baths. 🙂

  2. Love you bathroom! Super pretty!!!!!!!! From the picture it kinda looks like the plaster is clouds painted on. I love clouds! Just saying clouds would be cool, but maybe to much work and not what you were wanting. Love the glass! Love ya, Lolly

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  3. Looks like its all shaping up nicely, praise God for neighbors that like to help us nin-come-poops!! I’ve been dreading renting a ditch witch to relay our water pipes to our house, but the more I look into it, it doesn’t seem like it will be that daunting! Just time consuming and exhausting doing the hand digging thingy were the digger can’t go (under fences and thru tree roots!) But ITS GONNA HAPPEN! -Granddad

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