The Bathroom Project of Awesome…(Random pictures)

I’m sure all these pictures are starting to look the same. They are to me. It seems that here, close to the end of the project, all the details are going to take forever. Kind of like how the last weeks of pregnancy stretch out into infinity and beyond. These are some pictures Dorenna took on her iPad, and emailed to me, so they all fit into various points of time in the project. My favorite is the one of the two of us with the old tub. It took us HOURS to get that sucker to LET GO. Hours, and cutting away a significant amount of drywall outside the tub, hence the giant patch in the previous post.


Anyway – the grout is in the shower, and my neighbor is coming over today (Jan 30th) to help grout the walls and floor. You’ll have to wait a few more days for those pictures, though. Sorry.


6 thoughts on “The Bathroom Project of Awesome…(Random pictures)

  1. What a happy, friendly face Dorenna has! I’m sure you two were ecstatic after the Bertha Battle! I did not realize you had to put each piece of glass tile up by hand–very intimidating and awe-inspiring you are! πŸ˜‰

  2. Your do-it-yourself posts these last few weeks inspired me to have my brother-in-law teach me how to change my headlight today instead of just having him do it for me. Not quite the same level of difficulty as redoing an entire bathroom, but I did gain a little car knowledge which can never hurt!

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