The Bathroom Project of Awesome. (The doom is gone, I lost track of days.)

This past weekend was another blur of activity. Saturday, Dorenna and I got started on the wall tiling, and made some good progress before I had to head to a birth. Sunday, after church, she came over again, and between the three of us, we were able to complete most of the tiling, but our mortar dried out, and the stores were already closed. Monday was another long day, but we finished all the wall tiling, minus the grout, and measured for the floor.

Tuesday, while I was at work, Levi got started on the floor tiling, and finished it Tuesday night around nine. All while taking care of the kids, running some laundry loads, and being generally awesome. The tiling, I admit, took far longer than we anticipated it to take, and we are all worn completely out.

But – the hardest part is completed. After I grout today, all we have left is:

  • To put up the custom accent trim on the wall outside the shower.
  • Sand and restain the vanity
  • Build the vanity and hook it up to the plumbing.
  • Texture and paint the areas of drywall we had to patch.
  • Attach our new shower/tub fixtures.
  • Spray paint my light fixture and towel hooks to more closely match the new fixtures.
  • Buy and hang a vanity mirror.
  • Build or buy shelves for storage above the toilet.
  • Decorate.

So, most of what we have left are the cosmetic details. The hardest part is done. I want to finish well and quickly. Thanks for cheering us on!

What did you do this weekend?

Grace & Peace,


3 thoughts on “The Bathroom Project of Awesome. (The doom is gone, I lost track of days.)

  1. Wheeeee! I know you are feeling nearly done! It’s looking so darling!
    Heh heh, and also, I”m glad you changed the title because my inbox does not provide the whole title, so from my point of view, you’ve gone from a project of DOO to one of Awe! 😉

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