The Bathroom Project of Dooooooom ( don’t even know.)

So, we have made progress. I have lost track of the days, as they are now all stringing together. On Tuesday (I think–we don’t really know what day it is any more), Levi and Dorenna completed the underlay on the floor, rigged up the new plumbing for the shower/bath, and got all the plastic and cement board up in the shower. Long day for those two. The day was finished up by the kids helping Dad get the first coat of paint up. It looks prettier than I thought it would!

Levi decided to take a personal business day on Wednesday, so he and I hit up the local ReStore to scope out vanities. My beef with Home Depot and Lowe’s is that their cheap vanities are really and truly CHEAP. $100-$200 bucks gets you a piece that isn’t going to last 10 years. For $35, we found a solid wood–not particle board–vanity with more storage space than we had before, and with a beautiful grain pattern. I plan to sand and restain it a little darker or more weathered looking. For another $25, we got a Kohler vessel sink, not unlike this $600 one (in fact, I think it’s the very same one). I didn’t know sinks could cost $600… So yeah. I’m pretty happy about that, and I really like the look. For the countertop, we plan to build a plank one, with a shallow lip, and tile it with the same tile we’re using on the floor (a weathered/driftwood tile). So, for the same price (or less) than a new, cheap, fall-apart vanity, we’ll get a high-quality, beautiful one. It will just cost some elbow grease and creativity. I am okay with that.

I can hardly believe we have gained so much confidence in so short a time. We will probably put our old vanity back in temporarily while we work on the new one, so patience with pictures is appreciated.

We plan to get the tiling done tomorrow. By “we,” I mean Dorenna and me. I’m really excited to learn how to tile! I will probably want to tile my whole house after this.

What marvelous deals have you found when working on projects? I still can’t get over the $600 sink for $25 thing…I feel sure I made a mistake looking it up somehow…

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  1. Monday was the day we did the plumbing, plastic and Hardibacker behind the tub. Tuesday morning Dorenna and I did the rest of the hardibacker pieces. She fixed the drywall patches behind the toilet and light fixture. I put mud in all the seams and taped them after she went to work. Then I put mud down on the floor and laid the last two pieces of underlayment and screwed those down. We did the painting that night. Tiff did the second coat this morning!

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