Bathroom Project of Dooo…m? (Day 4)

Day four was sandwiched between three births for me. On Saturday morning, I had one butter birth at five a.m., a two hour nap, then another butter birth at about noon. Around three or four, Dorenna came over, and we tackled the new tub. We cut and installed the first pieces of underlay (we’re using cement board), and got the new tub in. Installing the new tub was far easier than removing the old one! We didn’t even have to level it. It just fit perfectly, and was already level, thank goodness.

Around five in the evening, my best friend Tiffany showed up. (Go check out her blog, and if you’re local, order a cake from her. You’ll be amazed.) She hung out to make us dinner, which took a huge load off of my shoulders. I was admittedly pretty stressed out. Between lack of adequate sleep, keeping tabs on two clients (one just birthed, the other in early labor). Dorenna graciously offered to just shut the door and work on her own, but I had to help. I don’t know why I didn’t just let her–I’m just glad I was actually useful, even though I was a bit of a mess under the surface.

Remodeling your only bathroom is a big undertaking, and while I knew it would be stressful, I don’t think I quite understood how much.

Anyway. Dorenna used our crawl space to get under the house, and place the new drain assembly, while I put the hardware on from above. We could have kept working after that, but it was going on ten o’clock, and with a client in early labor, I knew I needed to get to sleep. So, Dorenna headed out. And. I soaked in the tub.

Best. Bath. Ever.

And I helped get it into place.

Thankfully, I got to sleep until about five a.m., when my client needed me. I was with her until midnight. I came home, and soaked in the tub again. I am so, so thankful for bathtubs and fresh hot water. It melts away so much stress. It’s not a fancy tub — it’s the cheapest one money can buy — but it’s clean. And it’s a gift.

I have never felt so grateful for fresh, clean water in my life. We may have been “roughing it” for over a week, using a little dishpan to wash ourselves, and the kitchen sink for our hair and brushing teeth, but we have clean water. And indoor plumbing. And the savings to get this project done. Friends to help and teach and support and feed us.

Why is it so hard to accept help? I still struggle to believe that I am nothing more than a nuisance, when it’s obvious that my friends actually enjoy helping me, and seeing our progress. They are rejoicing with us.

I am glad I need people. It reminds me that I really am not self-sufficient.


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