Cool Enough

“And that’s why homeschooled kids are so annoying. Because no one tells them that the way God made them isn’t cool enough.” ~Dwija Borobia

This quote comes from an awesome blog post at Catholic Exchange. Please, take the time to go read the whole thing, so that you can fully understand where this post is coming from.

My kids are weird. Really, really weird. Embarrassingly weird at times. And I shallowly worry that they’re not “cool weird.” Whatever that means.

It’s probably the vestiges of my public school education coming to the forefront. Granted, my education was just fine, and even darn good in many ways. What wasn’t good was the very thing the above quote implies: in public school, I felt often that the way God made me wasn’t cool enough. There were very few voices telling me that I didn’t need to be different than I was. Thankfully, those few voices won out in the long run.

In many ways, I was “that weird kid.” I was the do-gooder. The ruiner-of-grading-curves. The Bible-thumper. The Christian girl. The drama and choir geek who never played sports. Or went to very many games.

I wasn’t ostracized, bullied, or even made fun of very often. Rarely, in fact. And frankly, most people were nice to me, and I had a wonderful group of friends. Overall, my experience through school was a positive one. And yet, there was always pressure to look like, talk like, act like, be like everyone but myself. Always. I still often feel that pressure to this day, only I feel it in regard to my children.

Within the home school culture, there seems to be an expectation that every homeschooled child is, or ought to be, a prodigy at something. Anything. Maybe even everything. This is the reason I read very few homeschool blogs, books, or articles. Everywhere I look, I see magazine-worthy school rooms, organized, colorful, and engaging. I see homeschooled kids doing projects most adults won’t even tackle, while my children are busy building forts, climbing the tree in the backyard, and scattering Legos everywhere.

And I wonder:

Are my children smart enough? Cool enough? Spiritual enough? Are my kids homeschool-y enough for the homeschool club? Perhaps, a lot of this comes from my own insecurities. In fact, this is very likely the direct source of my trouble.

It sounds shallow, but the struggle is real for me.

Until I actually sit back and just watch my kids for awhile.

They are funny. Kind. Smart. Creative. Curious. Adventurous. Confident. Respectful. Expressive. Artistic. Independent. They get along with each other and most other people. They believe in Jesus. They are beginning to learn on their own. They make mistakes. Sometimes, big ones. They get rough, tired, cranky, angry, dramatic, and sad at times.

They are themselves. And growing more and more into the Selves they will someday be as grown-ups.

The Selves God made them to be. And to me, they will always be cool enough. Always.

Grace & Peace,


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