The Bathroom Project of Dooooooom (Days 2 & 3ish)

Day 2 of the project consisted in a lot more demolition, mostly of damaged subflooring. After talking about multiple options, we decided to just replace it. So, the old stuff needed to come out. Dorenna and Levi did most of the work on day 2 (Sunday the 11th). The rotten areas of subfloor were not nearly as big as we thought, but to make the floor as sturdy as possible, we knew we needed to replace it in one large piece if we could. So we took out at least a third of the floor, to make sure.

We also needed to add some fresh support. So, we measured, cut, and shellacked some 2×4’s to lend some extra help to the new floor, and what little of the old floor we couldn’t quite decimate. Levi and I took turns crawling under the house to drill and screw in the new supports, and finished after Dorenna headed home. (I really don’t know how to make this more interesting…lol!)

Dorenna brought her 14-year-old son over for dinner, and the kids were enamored. The next day, they all kept asking me if Miss Dorenna was bringing Josh over again, because they liked him a lot. When I asked Dain what he liked about Josh, he said, “He’s my very best friend.” So cute!!! I love it when teenagers take notice of younger children. Josh showed them how to build some traps and things that explode in Minecraft, and they ate it up. He was so kind, that I told his mom he is welcome any time, and I meant it. What a great kid!

That night, it snowed like mad, and while I am not sure how much we got in our neighborhood, it was enough to render the roads very unsafe. Dorenna left us with a fan to dry out what little was left of the old subfloor, and it worked really well. We faced Monday without Dorenna, because we couldn’t bring ourselves to ask her to come help when the roads were so bad.

We measured, double-checked, re-measured, and managed to somehow cut our new 3/4″ plywood to a pretty decent fit. Especially with the extra supports underneath, and very sturdy underlay we plan to use, the small gaps we ended up with don’t bother us too terribly much. Levi feels confident, so I do too. It’s not perfect, but it will do. I don’t know why, but I was surprised that we did it ourselves. We who Never Do Anything…

Anyway, while we still don’t have the tub in, we do have a seated toilet. Levi put in a new double-flushy thingy, ostensibly to save water. It has a half-flush for number 1, and a full flush for number 2. The half-flush doesn’t really work well. I’m not sure if it’s because our toilet is so old, or if it’s just a gimmick. Either way, after testing it out for about a day, we think we might put a more traditional system back in. We’ll see.

Today, I hope to finalize my color choice for the walls. Since we can’t do any “big” work during the week, thanks to school and Levi working, I am hoping to paint all the walls and the ceiling tonight or tomorrow, before we put in anything pretty that I don’t want ruined. Of course, I’ll share pictures.

Thanks for sticking with me through these boring posts! It’s fun and exciting and exhausting to me, but hey. It’s our life. I just want to share a bit.

Oh – I’m also on call for five births in January, none of which have happened yet. So, there’s an element of uncertainty to it as well. All I can pray is that I don’t have to go to a birth with sawdust in my hair…

What is your January like so far?

Grace & Peace,


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  1. Looking good guys!! I knew you could do it with a little bit of guidance….If you’re not going to replace all the flooring you should at least bleach those other blackend spots in the flooring.

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