The Fog

If I could lift the fog for you,
And let the cool clear air touch your face
revive your senses,
I would.

I would wrap the fog around my shoulders awhile,
A blanket heavy and woolen
dulling the world around,
And love you better for it.

If I could somehow enter the fog with you,
Leaning into the burden together
and finding it lighter,
I would.

Every time.

But the fog is solid, impenetrable,
And there is no door
for me to find a way in,
And I stand useless under a blue sky.

There is light and life all around me,
Except where you are
and I don’t understand,
But I want to.

If I could be a rainbow in your cloud,
And make a road for light
to meet your footsteps,
I would.

I can’t hold light in my hands,
I can’t break through
with any strength,
So I just stand here, waiting.

For Mom, Trina, Jen, Jenni, Teri, Becky, and all in my circles who are walking a road I have never traveled. I love you.

Grace & Peace,


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