It Was Christmastime.

Noms. You know you want some.

Noms. You know you want some.

So, I’m “behind” on blogging. Is there really a such thing as being behind on something in which there are no deadlines? The $25 question of the day. Probably not worth even that much, is it?

I am too easily amused.


The deliciousness you see above was not created before Christmastime this year. In fact, I quite literally forgot how close Christmas was getting until the week before. I don’t know what happened to my ability for advance planning, but it has gone downhill in the past year or two. I am usually at least somewhat sleep-derived nowadays, so you would think I would be more diligent about this. I’m working on it, but obviously am still lacking. Silly babies don’t care that Christmas is coming. They just insist on having their “birth” day whenever they please. So, I’ll let the babies, and not my lack of proper planning take the blame for now, because the babies have no idea. They just eat, sleep, and woo everyone in their precious wake.

Once it settled into my mind that Christmas really was THAT CLOSE, I decided to take action by cutting out a lot of things we normally do, and moving others until after Christmas Day, so my mom could be part of the fun, and so I didn’t lose my sanity. I got very sick about two weeks before Christmas, so Levi and the kids were on their own picking out the tree, and they did a fine job, though it was a little shorter than we normally get.

Yay cookie time!

Yay cookie time!

I let the kids dig into my sacred, super-organized Christmas boxes, and take care of 95% of the decorating, and they seemed to feel quite important. They did the entire tree, set up the village, and the Nativity Scene — with the wise men appropriately across the room on their journey, of course.

In spite of my delayed reaction to the approach of Christmas, it was actually a really relaxing week. Especially when Mom got here. It was really easy to just focus on people, especially my little family, and just let the days slip by smoothly and easily. Mom and I had lots of time together, just the two of us. It was really…nice. The kind of nice that makes me smile and sigh contentedly about the whole thing. The kind of nice that the word was invented for. The kind that smells like bread and coming snow and fir needles and cinnamon.

That’s all I really want to say about Christmas. It felt a bit more close and sacred than it has in past years, and I just kind of want to treasure all of it up in my own heart and savor it for awhile.

How were your Christmas holidays this year?

Grace & Peace,


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  1. It was a wonderful Christmas, and even though we were behind on everything and gifts didn’t show up until weeks later, we had family. The Lord has blessed us richly this past year, and I pray he continues to bless us as we try to grow and stretch.

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