The Truth Is…

Sometimes, I get too busy. Sometimes, life just has to come first, regardless of what I want.

If I had a personal staff of people who could take care of everything I have to take care of, (especially a maid and a personal shopper) I would have exorbitant amounts of time to spend on people I care about.

“Jesus had the same 24 hours you do.”

Well, I’m not Jesus.

I’m only called to be like him. I am not him, nor can I ever be.

Still, I will always try. (Read Romans 7:15-25 for a summary of my life.)

I will always be around to the best of my ability. But I will fail. I will sometimes miss things I should see. I will sometimes gloss over something that should be more important. I will probably talk more than I listen, even though I don’t mean to, and even when I am actively working on it.

I will make light of something serious. I will complain when I should be grateful.

I will get too busy for people.

I will forget birthdays.

I won’t make enough phone calls, write enough letters, or text often enough.

But I will love with all my heart, bent and broken as it is. Just like anyone else’s. I will get up and try again, every time I fall. I will ask for forgiveness, and always endeavor to avoid making the same mistake twice. Or eleventy-one times, which may be more accurate, if I’m being honest.

I will always be in desperate need of Grace and Mercy from more than just Jesus. I will need it from everyone I know at some point.


I will always, absolutely, unequivocally, care.


I promise.

I do not ask anyone to accept my flaws, to put up with my worst, or to accept flimsy excuses. I would rather be gently challenged to keep growing as a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, and woman. I endeavor to be teachable, even if I react defensively at first. With this post, I only want to express my gratitude for those who have found me worth the effort, and to reassure my loved ones that you matter. More than you will ever know. And that I am sorry you all have to put up with my shenanigans.

Grace & Peace,