I Do What I Can

I wish I’d learned to write poetry.
To weave intricate rhymes unexpectedly
leading to twists and turns of phrase
expressing realness and beauty eloquently.

I wish I could bring life to a canvas.
By dappling water with a flick of the wrist
turning burnt umber and cerulean blue into
Bob Rossian trees and paths in the mist.

I wish I were good at singing.
That my voice could lift pure clear air
in dancing, floating notes packed with meaning
serene, big, soft, answering every care.

I wish I could pen a great story.
Rich with metaphor, dazzling prose, extraordinary
in its telling of feats and adventures
and an ending ripe with tears and glory.

But I am only me, with minute talents.
Small gifts, given freely.
I do what I can.

Grace & Peace,


6 thoughts on “I Do What I Can

  1. Jesus took a boys small lunch and fed thousands. When you put what you think is small into His hands, He will increase it in miraculous and beautiful ways.
    Keep doing what you can, it’s much bigger than it appears.

  2. Excellent poast and I’m lucky to have you. You may think your gifts are minute but many people rely on your talents and heart.

  3. You have the gift of such a big heart!! I love this post – so creative, well written and very moving!! so reflective of me as well, all I can really do well is dig in the dirt, run across the sand, and prance in the water!!

    • You can also make children feel like they are the most important people on the planet. THAT is a big deal. ❤ you!

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