The Storm, by Lydia

Totally unprompted by anything other than her own imagination, Lydia wrote and illustrated a poem. I didn’t assign it to her, she just created it. I am learning that the more freedom I give her, the more she learns. True, I need to teach her to discipline herself to do the things she doesn’t really want to do. That’s something we all have to do. Still, the fewer restrictions I place on her writing, the better she writes.

This young girl is unfolding beautifully. I just hope I don’t mess it up too much…


The scanner bled out all the color, and my camera could only just capture the subtle shades she used. In person, it is soft and lovely. I love how she captured the peace of sunshine above the clouds and storm. There are depths to her that always surprise me, and shouldn’t. She takes after her Aunty Trina in so many ways.


Grace & Peace,


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