Our Life In Pictures: Dain’s 7th Birthday.

My youngest is seven years old. It’s been quite awhile since we were in the baby phase of parenting. Still, it really does feel like it wasn’t that long ago. Seven. He is seven years old. Going into first grade (yes, again — trust me, it’s what’s best for him). He loves Minecraft, Ninjago, Legos, dogs, cats, and all other furry things. He still wants to be a race car fixer (though he might change his mind at any moment).

I love him so.

Today, we took the kids out to eat at George’s Gyros & Burgers, which is rather delicious. Then, off to the skating rink. Dain has never worn skates before, but he wanted to go. So, groupon in hand, we went. He spent the entire time “training” on the carpet while the rest of us made several laps around the rink. He had a grand time anyway, and was rather proud of himself. “Mom, I trained on the carpet the whole time, and the next time we come, I will train some more!” Okay, kid. Whatever floats your boat.

He’s the one that has taught me how to go with the flow. He taught me that sometimes, shrugging my shoulders and letting go is the best route to take.

Grace & Peace,


Chocolate chip birthday pancakes. Yeah, buddy.


The kid knows how to ride a bike, so he finally got his big kid bike! Too bad he’s about two inches too short to ride it yet…oops.


He wanted a MineCraft cake. He got one, thanks to the tutorial (click image to see the tutorial credit).


His reaction to the cake. He was pretty happy with it, even though the figures were just paper.

And, just to round this post out, Dain’s first solo bike rides. This happened back in the Spring, but I didn’t share until now. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Our Life In Pictures: Dain’s 7th Birthday.

  1. I was scrolling through these pictures of Dain and Tessa started kissing the picture 😘
    It was pretty cute so I thought I’d share.
    Ps: I think all of you Davey girls and your family’s should just come back to Oregon. 😉
    Then you could maybe be my doula for this next pregnancy 😁

    • Dude. That would be so awesome. 🙂 I can’t wait to meet Tessa someday, and any other babies you have. (BTW – are you saying you’re pregnant???)

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