Our Life In Pictures: April & May 2014

So, we have done things. My family has a life, and I take far fewer pictures than I used to. I think I finally understand how to just live in the moment. If I get pictures, great. If I don’t, we still have the moment and the memory somewhere in our consciousness. And each memory leaves a mark.

However, I know those of you far, far away enjoy seeing pictures, and catching up on what our life has been like. Enjoy.

Grace & Peace,|

Lookee what we did!

Lookee what we did!


Easter eggs and their creators.


Nothing like a snow day in April.


Joe’s Crab Shack for Mother’s Day–wherein Mom gets crab for two without even trying. (I should really tell that story.)


Me with the woman from whom my good looks come.


See? We’re normal.

And last, but not least, another Mother’s Day gem:


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