Good Stuff

The strains of Ceili Rain emanate from the boombox I received for my 16th birthday. I cannot believe the thing still works. It’s still covered in random stickers. I’m surprised my children haven’t added to the motley collection. There are actually Pokemon stickers on the blasted thing. I didn’t even know what Pokemon was at the time. I just thought the creatures were cute.

The kids are cleaning up the kitchen, and then we will buckle down on this rainy day to finish up school work. After that, I have grand plans to get together with a friend so we can prepare a couple of weeks’ worth of healthy snacks for our families. We were supposed to do that on Sunday afternoon, but four births in the previous week put a damper on that. (I have very patient friends.)

My mom gets into town tomorrow for a Mother’s Day visit, and we are planning shenanigans. Those are always fun. I like shenanigans. Who doesn’t?

In the meantime, I’m content to listen to the Celtic-flavored notes floating around my house, intermingled with the noise of children doing their assigned work with a decent amount of joy.

Good stuff.

Grace & Peace,


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