All Out of Words

All out of words.
Grey sky.
Loud kids.

I am far away, but trapped.

Longing for tears,
they are trapped too.

Stuck behind numb eyes.

Some days awake,
Others comatose.

All out of words.
So much blank space to fill.

My head a hurricane
of thought
and feels
and need.

I don’t sit at my laptop
and bleed,
I fill until I burst
Then tidy up.

No one wants to see the gore.

All out of words
because real ones scare me.
Yet I fill the air anyway
with words and thoughts and
is it any good?

It’s not about me.
It’s all about me.

I can never decide
how much me is too much.

Just to fill in a gap, as I try to work toward simplifying my life, making time to write, and just getting things out.

Grace & Peace,


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