Book Review Friday: “Hind’s Feet On High Places” by Hannah Hurnard

Hinds' Feet On High PlacesHinds’ Feet On High Places by Hannah Hurnard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The three stars fit exactly what I felt when reading this book. I simply liked it. It was like comfort food, frankly. Warm, savory, and simple. While there are a lot of great truths in this classic allegorical tale, they are cloaked in a simple story told with eloquent language. While many people abhor allegory, I like it. It paints a powerful visual in my mind that I will forever associate with the truths it illustrates, and I appreciate the imagery and story.

My favorite chapter takes place when Much-Afraid, Sorrow, and Suffering, are walking through the woods enveloped in a deep mist. They face no particular difficulties, only a constant drudgery and sameness, day after day. That describes exactly what I am going through right now in my own faith, and I found myself comforted and reminded, once again, that my Shepherd cares, and he has never left me. That sometimes, the hardest struggles we face are not the great ones, but the daily ones.

Another thing about the book I liked were the altars Much-Afraid builds, and the little memorial stones she collects along the way. It inspired me to somehow collect some concrete reminders of God’s promises and his answers to my prayers. I already journal, so maybe I will journal with more purpose. I don’t really know, but I know I want some altars and memorial stones of my own.

Overall, this book is one that I will probably read again, perhaps to my children. Storytelling that inspires my faith, and encourages me to remember that it’s all about following my Shepherd, is always a win.

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