Things I Am Not Good At

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I just thought I would share this list, to help illustrate that what we often see online is a person’s highlight reel. We then compare our blooper reel to that, and feel ashamed, guilt-ridden, and lame.

We are not any of us the World’s Best Mom, but we are each and every one the Most Right Mom For Our Children. Take a gander at this list, and see where your strengths out pace my weaknesses. We really are all different, and it really is true that none of us can do everything. At least, none of us can do everything really well.

Without Further Ado, Things I Am Not Good At (to be generous):

  • Remembering to celebrate “little” holidays with my kids: We didn’t make a single Valentine this year. We didn’t read the true story of Valentine’s Day. Nothing. I never remember to do those things. I think about them, Pin some ideas, then just…forget. I often wonder if my kids will grow up, realize how lame I am, and determine that they will do ALL THE HOLIDAY THINGS for their children, because they wish I had.
  • Phone Calls: I never remember to call people. The most important people. I always think, “I should call them every week,” but I don’t. I have never been good at that. Not even for my own widowed mother. How in the world is she supposed to believe me when I say I care, if I can’t pick up the stinking phone, because the idea just falls out of my brain as soon as I think of it? (Mom – if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU!)
  • Listening: I often find myself listening to reply, rather than listening to hear and understand. I have to make a very physical effort to just take in what another person is saying without formatting a reply in my head. Granted, I am usually trying to craft an encouraging/helpful reply, but still. I am utterly terrible at being “quick to listen, slow to speak.” Just ask my sisters or my best friends. They often have to remind me sternly to shut up and listen.
  • Planning Ahead: I can talk about plans all day long, but I rarely implement them. I often find myself rushing at the last minute to finish something, and even leaving some other things unfinished so I can meet my deadline.
  • Initiative: I’m an idea person. I come up with great and marvelous plans for All The Things! Yet, if you have known me very long, you know that I often talk about things forever, but rarely initiate the process of getting them done before I am forced to either start or drop it completely.
  • Consistency: I can hack it for a good two weeks to a month before I run out of steam, and have to start over again. It looks a lot like THIS. Go ahead, click that link and read it. Then come back here to finish.
  • Keeping Up On Basic Things: Just trying to keep up on my kids’ basic hygiene is a challenge! You would think that I’d remember to make sure everyone’s teeth are brushed, faces washed, and their hair combed before we leave the house. Nope. Half the time, we leave the house looking like a bunch of bedraggled hoodlums. Simply because I forget to check those most basic things. That is just one example. This item on the list could have a sub-list a mile long. Trust me. It’s pathetic.

That’s just my short list.

Don’t, for one second, think that anyone else has it all together. No one does. No one. Not even the Pioneer Woman. (She might come close, though.) Sure, someone who is good at everything I suck at will look like they have it all together to me, but they don’t. They really, really don’t. You could be the most organized, responsible person on the planet, but we all suck at something.

So, take heart! You are not the only one who lets stuff slip between the cracks! You are not the only one “screwing it all up.” If it weren’t for the grace of God, and a really great human support system, I would have given up a long time ago. On everything.

So, what are you terrible at? Let the internet know! Or at least the few who will comment on this post. πŸ˜€ We can band together in our terribleness, rejoice in our weaknesses, knowing that God shows himself strong in them. It’s okay, ladies, we are all growing together.

Grace & Peace,


11 thoughts on “Things I Am Not Good At

  1. Ok there are SO MANY things that I stink at!! Patience with my kids, teaching them pretty much anything, sorting out my brain so that I am not constantly overwhelmed, I try to make plans with EVERYONE and follow through with very few. And the list goes on… Also can I point out some things that you do well(and I don’t even know you THAT well)? You are genuine and real, you love you kids and make them priority, you seek help when you need it, and most important you LOVE the Lord!! And that is just from a casual acquaintance:)

    • See?! None of us is perfect. πŸ™‚ I hope my post made you feel a little better. And thanks for your encouraging words!

      I miss having you around, and would have loved to get to know you better. I think you are very good at organization, and probably better at patience with your kids than you think you are. Just from the little I know of you, as well. *high five* Moms, UNITE!

  2. Before I had Internet, I was good at most things but math. Now I’m no good at Internet, and no good for anything else. Could this be everyone’s downfall? Include the link to the cute site you provided? Just wondering, because I have a history of being a supermom that many hated because my kids brushed their teeth or something, and now I’m worthless. Only diff? Internet.
    Call your mom.

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