Hippie Tricks: Kicking a Cold In the Arse.

‘Tis the season for colds and flu and nasty bugs. I have been meaning to write this post for awhile, and since I have nothing ready for today, it seems to be a good time. Especially with this uber-cold weather stubbornly sticking around this year. Today, it’s so cold, our sliding glass door keeps freezing shut, and our heater just can’t keep up the way it should.

A cold recently ran its course through our family. It started with a sore throat and headache, and moved on to a cough and congestion. Levi and Lydia had it first, and had I been more on top of things, I might have gotten them out of it sooner. However, since I am on call, I needed to be vigilant for myself. A minor cold in an adult can translate to RSV or worse in a newborn, and there was no way I was going to risk that.

So, at the first sign I might be getting the cold, I assembled my immune dream team. Within 48 hours of the first appearance of symptoms, and within 24 hours of beginning my treatment, all symptoms were completely gone.

This is primarily a souped-up immune boost, designed to lay a good foundation, as well as to equip my body to fight a lot harder than it would on its own. Since we don’t have a perfect diet, our bodies need a little help, and thanks to modern science, we have options. Daily, I take fish oil, a raw food multi-vitamin, vitamin D3, a vitamin B complex, 5-HTP (an amino acid for depression), and probiotics. When I’m coming down with something, though, I amp things up, and add several supplements.

Here is the typical version of our protocol (I modify it for the kids):

Click image to read a little more about this powerhouse oil.

Click image to read a little more about this powerhouse oil at Front Range Scentsabilities.

The mainstay of my immune protocol is Young Living’s Thieves Oil blend. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Unlike OTC meds, Thieves oil can penetrate cell walls the same way viruses do, and can go after those buggers at a level OTC meds can’t quite do. I have a stash of empty capsules, which I fill with a mix of five drops EVOO, and five drops of Thieves, and take two per day. I make about a week’s worth, or 14 capsules, then store them in the fridge. I continue to take these for at least three days following the disappearance of symptoms, to make sure the virus is dead.

The rest of the protocol looks like this:

  • I double up on my probiotics, since so much of our proper immune function is linked to our gut flora. Just make sure the one you choose has multiple strains, and at least 4 billion cells.
  • Gypsy Cold Care Tea (by Traditional Medicinals). This tea is packed with herbs designed to fight colds. I brew it according to directions, and drink three cups per day. It’s important to follow the directions exactly, or you lessen the effects.
  • Into my tea, I stir a teaspoon of raw honey, as local as I can get it. RAW honey is the only kind that works, as it hasn’t been strained of all its enzymes, minerals, and other good stuff.
  • Kick-Ass Immune tincture. The name explains it all. It’s an herbal tincture that tastes horrible (think the olden days of medicine, before they cared what it tasted like). You can either take it in water, or just put it under your tongue. I choose the latter, because it’s easier to just take it than to sip it. 2-3 droppers of this, at least three times a day is needed. I also continue to take this for three days after symptoms disappear.
  • About 2000mg of Vitamin C, either as a chewable or Emergen-C. I prefer Emergen-C, since they add Zinc to it to help with absorption, and I don’t have to take an extra supplement. 1000mg in the morning, and the other 1000mg in the evening.
  • 5000-10,000iu’s of Vitamin D3. Half in the morning, half in the evening.
  • Odorless Garlic Softgels. I take the maximum allowed on the bottle.

A few helpful modifications and/or substitutions:

  • Cinnamon Capsules. I take the maximum allowed on the bottle.
  • Umcka Cold Care Drops. This is especially useful for respiratory issues. If I’m able to find an herbal tincture, I prefer that, but the linked product is more palatable, and just as effective.
  • If I am fighting something bacterial, I buy some orange juice, and take Grapefruit Seed Extract as well. It’s a powerful agent against yeast and other infections.

I’m sure I can think of a few more, but these are my basic staples. It’s a lot, yes, but it works! Really, really well. Of course, there is no substitute for homemade, brothy soups, rest, and fluids. Lots and lots of fluids. Sunshine, too, is a wonderful natural healer.

What are your favorite natural go-to remedies when you’re sick? Happy cold season!

Grace & Peace,

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  2. I wish had known about these remedies when my family came down with the cold/flu. I will be finding a way to keep this post easily accessible.


  3. I’ll be trying these. Wish I read this last week as my son just became ill but my husband dropped off some homemade chicken noodle soup and ginger ale … if it didn’t help I’m sure it was appreciated! Notice, I stated “my husband dropped it off” because I certainly didn’t want to pick up anything if I could help it. When I went to the grocery store I kept my gloves on and immediately threw them in the washer. This time of the year is difficult and even though there are hand sanitizers everyone needs to heed caution in any way they can to protect themselves, especially in compromised health. Thanks for so much information I’d like to reblog your post. Take care and stay safe.


    • I’m glad it blessed you! There are myriad other natural remedies, too. These are just the ones that work best for us.


  4. Reblogged this on braininjuryselfrehabilitation and commented:
    This post includes several different natural home remedies that work for different things, but especially this time of the year when germs are passed so quickly and illness happens. Many people are suseptible to catching things regardless of all the preventative measures taken, but this post includes things most of us have not tried. No one wants to get sick, so Preventative is key. See if these are things your have tried, and what other things work? We are all trying preventative healing measures.


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