Friends Like Jesus – A Guest Post

I have been blessed to contribute a guest post at Home’s Cool this week. This is my first guest post, ever, and I feel honored and blessed to have an opportunity to share my heart in one more nook of the blogosphere. Go check it out, then read through some of her other posts. She is truly a blessing, and gifted with the ability to bring my focus back to center, on Jesus.
Grace & Peace,


2 thoughts on “Friends Like Jesus – A Guest Post

  1. Thanks for sharing Tiff. I love the thought of looking to Jesus for insight on friendship. It definitely gives some good perspective. And it definitely makes me wish I still lived close to you! Life is a little lonely right now, but I’m praying God puts some new friends in my path. I have some in those outer circles, but no one really filling the inner ones right now. Keep writing my friend.

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