We’re All So Vain

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I have figured something out. I either have to never write anything beyond the shallow outer shell, or I have to stop caring about the impact my words might have.

I can do neither.

It’s hard enough for me to keep from over-editing every post, assessing each word for its potential to hurt or offend the few people I know will read my words. (I’m doing that right now, as a matter of fact.)

It’s not like the whole world reads what I write. My readers really only make up a very tiny nook in the universe. A totally awesome nook, of course, but a tiny one, nonetheless.

Frankly, I almost never write about any one person, and when I do, it’s usually about myself or one of my kids. When I write about people in general, that’s exactly what it is about: people in general.

A good litmus test when you read my blog: If you’re wondering whether it’s about you, it’s very likely NOT about you. Just for the record.

If I need to vent, or let off steam, I go to my husband or a close friend. And my prayer journal. I don’t do it here. Or on Facebook. If I do, I’ll put a *soapbox* disclaimer on it. When I write, it’s in an effort to put my thoughts into words. Things I’ve learned. Struggles I’m having. Mistakes I’m learning from. Etc…

Even this post isn’t about anyone. It’s about a phenomenon I’ve observed that seems to happen to all of us. It’s a common, ridiculous experience. Tell me you have never had this happen? You have never felt yourself the object of a vague Facebook status? You have never written a vague Facebook status? Riiiiiight.

I will admit, in front of God and everyone, that I do the same thing. I get nervous and upset when vague statuses appear. I instantly begin racking my brain, wondering if it’s about me, and I do not rest until I know for sure.

I’m so vain. I think your post is about me. (Ha!)

I need to take my own advice and realize that *GASP* no one’s world revolves around me!

I sometimes write vague statuses or blog posts without thinking about it, then get all upset when people take it personally. Really though, it’s human nature for all of us to think everything is about us. Hence, the reason we first fell back in Eden.

Gol-durned pride.

We’re all so vain. We think the world is about us.

I have to laugh at the insanity of it.

How many friendships have been questioned because of this? Seriously. Be careful what you post. And I’ll try not to think everything is about me. Deal? Deal.

Grace & Peace


5 thoughts on “We’re All So Vain

  1. Wait…what? This isn’t about me? I thought it was all about me! (Therein lies the problem)
    So, whether or not this was about me in your mind, it is about me in mine. I read way too much into the posts of others and way too little into my own. (ouch)

    Thank you for writing BTW 🙂

  2. I used to think others knew what I meant, until a couple of people blew up in my face and let me know:
    If someone needs an excuse, I’ll be it. I’ve had family members not speak to me, or alternately, stand up and point and shout at me. I’ve gotten hate mail from relatives. I’ve been excused from my duties at more that one church. Once a person laughed to learn I’d been in a car accident. The amazing thing is that I never think I’m saying or doing anything wrong. I keep on being totally shocked at the reaction. I used to cry, but it’s getting sorta funny. Now days I say, “Well, I see it’s open season on Kathy again…”
    Oh, BUT!…There are other relatives who love me, one friend who apologized to me and became dearer, and our current church stood behind me when a couple walked out after I said something innocent.
    So, I’ve learned you cannot predict these things and even Jesus wasn’t immune and it’s best to just do right so you can sleep after it hits. 😉
    Hmm. I feel a post coming on! Ha!

    • I’ve experienced some of that, too. I have been at the center of so many misunderstandings, it’s ridiculous. Most of the time, I’m able to clarify. Sometimes, I just have to do the best I can, have others help me edit before I post, and just jump off the cliff…

      • Yep. I think the best thing is knowing what I’m supposed to do, say, or write. That helps so much.

        Faith is being sure.
        Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

        But if I am sure I have heard God, I can write, in faith, and know, if nothing else, God is pleased.

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