Crank it Up

For the last few weeks, as Levi and I have begun to grow and change and come together again, we are wondering what we have in common. Where do we connect again? What things have we shared that we could share again? Then, we both remembered:


We used to belong to the Sound & Spirit music club, and took advantage of their annual “Get 12 CD’s for the price of one” deal, just so we could check out new music together. We would get so excited when the box came, and would spend hours listening to new bands that would likely never get air time on the radio.

I miss that.

We discontinued our membership once we began to have children, because we had to buy silly things like diapers, clothing, and food for our ever-growing, adorable, eating machines. Ridiculous how budgets just get in the way of all the fun things, don’t you think?

Sadly, BMG no longer has a music club, let alone a Christian music division.

Still, Levi and I are thinking that might be a good place for us to start this New Year. We have fallen sadly behind when it comes to new music, and we barely keep up on our favorite bands’ latest albums. We have come to rely on Christmas and birthdays to update our collection. Perhaps it’s time to allocate some funds for music again?

It couldn’t hurt.

Plus, the kids are all old enough to sit and listen to a new album and try to learn all the lyrics as fast as possible. They love music as much as we do. The older ones are even asking what some lyrics mean, and music has provided good conversation for all of us.

We like to crank up the volume and “rock out” in the school room together sometimes. I have taught them how to be an air band, and they all call dibs on their favorite instruments. Dain loves the drums. Lydia is usually on vocals, Durin and Audrey both lay claim to air guitar. They have all learned how to headbang. Sometimes, I have been known to use one of them for my guitar, which is always good for a laugh.

One of the small/big legacies my dad left was how to rock out without making the record skip. We don’t have to worry about that any more, but the principle is there. I will never forget rocking out in the living room with Dad and my sisters. Ever. The memories are strong ones, and I want my kids to have that, too. The memory of mom and dad abandoning themselves to pure fun, just to be with them.

It’s been awhile since we did that, though.

It’s time to crank it up and learn to enjoy each other again.

Just for fun, an oldie/goodie by Audio Adrenaline:

What are some favorite music memories you have? How do you pass on your love of your favorites to your kids? How do you share music with the ones you love?

Grace & Peace,


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  1. gives you a period of free streaming. They have tons of artists..just plug in an artist name and listen to the entire album if you want, or just a few tracks…whatever tickles your fancy.

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