Watching this video might be the most important thing you do today

This is the same peace, joy, and power my dad held onto and displayed during his final months, weeks, and days on earth. I wonder if he’s met Abby yet… I hope so.

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I don’t do this. I don’t think I’ve ever done this.

I don’t use this blog to simply pass along content from other websites. I’ve always wanted this to be a place for my opinion and commentary, not copied and pasted regurgitation.

So, honestly, when someone — a friend of Abigail’s — sent me this video last week, I didn’t think I’d put it on my site.

But then I watched it.

And then I watched it again.

This is truly one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen. I don’t say that lightly. The woman in the clip is named Abigail Smith.


She had terminal cancer. She died a couple of weeks ago — shortly after filming this.

What makes this video remarkable is the sheer courage, faith, and wisdom this young woman demonstrates. I can write all day about these things in the abstract, but Abigail Smith provides…

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4 thoughts on “Watching this video might be the most important thing you do today

      • Well, I know what you mean, but if we all lose freedom of speech, then we won’t be sharing, or maybe even making these lovely videos, I don’t suppose…
        I think we all have personal and deep feeling we bring to every encounter, which is what makes us love each other. I love you because of the love you have for your dad, which totally mystifies me, since I never had that.
        ❤ K

      • If we lose our freedom of speech – will we still obey God or not? That’s the ultimate question we have to answer in our own hearts. I think that’s why we get all panicky and upset when all this happens. We worry that we’ll actually begin to face persecution the way so many believers all over the world already do…

        And I love you for your honesty when you comment. And the love that is IN your honesty when you comment. You make me braver.

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