Book Review: Flashpoint by Christie Golden

Flashpoint (StarCraft II, #3)Flashpoint by Christie Golden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A fun, easy read. Good dialog, good character development, great action sequences, all in a pretty believable outer space, science-fiction setting. In spite of being smack in the middle of the StarCraft lore, I was able to follow everyone’s stories and backgrounds pretty easily, thanks to several flashback chapters. Blizzard hired a good writer for this particular story, and I wouldn’t mind reading more.

That said, the writing is very basic, and feels (to me) to be at a junior high level or so, though some of the content is more adult. This kind of book is the kind I would read between more heavy-hitters, to give my brain a break while still feeling like I went to another world.

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