I Know

Image credit: biblepic.com

Image credit: biblepic.com

Now, I know.

I know Yahweh saves.

I know, because there is grace all around me. I woke up this morning, didn’t I? My heart is still beating, my lungs still fill with air. The sun’s in the sky, all’s right with the world.

Except, it’s not with the world that all is right.

At all.

Nothing is right in me. I am walking into pain. To places that have been hurting so long, I don’t remember a time before the pain. I am letting God chisel away at the stone walls I’ve built around my heart for its protection, so I could keep putting one foot in front of the other.

A wall that kept the pain far from the forefront of my mind, and properly harnessed to a place where it had to stay quiet.

It’s slowly being let off its leash, and it’s going to tear me to bits, and very likely maim others who love me.

The Truth is setting me free, but at what cost?

I don’t know yet.

One thing I do know: Yahweh saves.

He is leading me into this place, and he will lead me out. I am choosing daily to keep moving forward, though my steps are halting and unsure. I lean back, hard, against my Father God’s chest–he will not let me turn back. So, I can’t even take credit for any forward motion. He is moving me.




That’s all I have left, because I know that he saves me, and will keep saving me. By his blood. By his power. He will not let me fall.

Grace & Peace,


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