DSC08843My Lydia-girl is nine today. She wants a Pirates of the Caribbean party, but couldn’t decide that until just a few days ago, so her party has to wait another week or two. Silly girl. She has trouble choosing sometimes, but that’s okay. Once she chooses, she sticks with it.

Nine years ago, a little peach-fuzz-headed, smoochy-lipped, roly-poly baby girl entered the world quietly around lunchtime.

She has always been a quiet one. Sweet, steady, but with just enough spice to keep things interesting. Frankly, she’s been the easiest kid. Not that any child is really “easy.”

She is also my mystery child. The one who doesn’t really wear her heart on her sleeve quite the way the others do. I have to pay more attention to her, and really listen, look, and search to make sure I understand her.

She is creative, opinionated, and a gifted singer. I pray often that the Lord provides a way for her to have music lessons. It’s hard to explain, but I can see it and hear it in her lovely girl-voice.

She is philosophical and questioning. Curious, introverted, inquisitive, and wondering. She likes to know things.

She chooses making memories over material gifts, and I love that. Her heart is compassionate, and when she hears stories of need, she wants to do something. I’m still learning how to help her do that.

She amazes me.

What a gift she is.

A very merry birthday, my Lydia-girl. I love you so!

Grace & Peace,


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